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Published: 15th November 2010
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For many, the idea of surgery is often a last option so as to achieve any goals they’re trying to obtain physically. They struggle for years to obtain a flatter stomach or to remove those 'love handles' and 'muffin tops' when a simple process such as a vaser liposuction offers instant results in an insignificant period of time. The benefit of vaser liposuction is the use of ultrasound technology. Compared to traditional liposuction, the ultrasound waves of the vaser 'melts' away the fat but it leaves all the surrounding tissue and blood vessels moderately in tact.

This means less bruising, less pain and most importantly less downtime especially for several mums and busy CEOs seeking a quick fix. There are normally misconceptions that pursuing a possibility like surgery is bad, though these processes offer a person many benefits that can’t be obtained in any other possibility. Take a look at the example of the liposuction procedure and how it immediately provides you with the result you desire rather than the years of struggle which several others go through.

Breast surgery and face lift are nice examples for processes which offer immediate results. At the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, they provide the MACs face lift where you will find immediate age defying results which is performed once and will last for years to come. The advantage of the MACs face-lift is that it's a vertical face lift so if you are concerned about the 'traditional wind-tunnel' look, this new method just gently takes years off you naturally.

Breast augmentation and reduction, especially the former is immensely popular with women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s. The media over the years make many believe that they would have oversized augmented breasts but it is untrue as Dr Maurizio Viel reveals. 'You have to make sure you select the right implants and create the right breast pocket to create a natural look.' Patients who have had surgery with Dr Viel say that in spite of the increase in size, surprisingly, it looks so natural and sufficient to even boost their self-confidence at the same time. With breast surgery you would be investing in a process which provides real results for an individual and permits them to obtain the look they always desired without the need for specialized clothing which alters appearance.

Nearly every individual has some or the other thing that they're not happy with in their physical appearance. While many of these factors might be insignificant or unseen to most, they usually weigh heavily on the mind of the person.

When you invest in a procedure such as a liposuction, face lift or breast surgery you’re taking steps to get rid of the dissatisfaction you have over your body. This will provide you with the greatest opportunity to find happiness in your daily life and eliminate the apprehension that might have existed with your appearance. Many look at surgery as a means for an individual to modify their appearance when in reality it's the quickest and best strategy to boost confidence and help a person be satisfied with themselves.

When you do make the decision to pursue this unique opportunity it is vital to recognize that these are medical procedures so take the time necessary in discovering the correct facility for you. All surgeons might have the correct qualifications but each is an artist that will interpret their 'canvas' in their own way. We have seen much of Dr Viel's work as he has had 20 years experience on Harley Street London, and now he is based at LCAS' second branch in Dubai's health hub, Dubai Health care City.

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